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The Sesame Street Meme

Sesame Street Meme

Part 1: Do you remember these milestones?

1. Olivia Joins the Cast (1976). This was before me... I don't remember a Sesame Street without Olivia.
2. Mr. Hooper/Mr. Hooper's Death (1983). I remember Mr. Hooper and hearing that he had died, but because we were visiting family over Thansgiving I don't think I ever saw the actual episode dealing with his death.
3. Elmo Joins the Cast (1984) Bah, Elmo. I dislike what he has done to the show's dynamic. If I could eliminate four things about modern Sesame Street, he would be number one.
4. Snuffy Is No Longer Imaginary (1985). I didn't see this happen but I always felt encouraged by imaginative play because of Snuffy. Another of the four things about the show I would change.
5. Maria and Luis Get Married (1988). Nope... By this time my brother was old enough that Seasme Street was no longer on in the house. But I'm glad to hear it happened.

Part 2: List five musical numbers which have stuck with you over time. Link to a video if you can!

1. The Alligator King. This is, for me, my all-time favorite musical number from the show. I get a chill whenever I hear it.
2. Pinball Number Count. neuracnu once posted a link to someone who made a real clock based on this. I may have to replicate it when I have a basement in need of a clock.
3. Do De Rubber Duck. The "Rubber Ducky, You're The One" song doesn't really do it for me, especially since I've heard this reggae version. Although the chorus poking their heads in the bathroom and looking in the window is sorta creepy.
4. Sugar Beet. Even after not seeing this for years if it gets in my head I can't get it out.
5. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon. There's something about the melancholy in this song that has always fascinated me.

How about you?
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