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The Captain's Journal

Adventures In Time And Space

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The Captain
8 March 1976
I currently do web development work for a major direct-market auto insurance company. This is my reward for 7 years as a customer service phone drone in upstate New York.

Before that, I was a Television Producer and Systems Administrator for a midwestern NBC affiliate, where I wrote perl code, worked with PostgreSQL databases, and directed public affairs programming in my spare time.

The two loves of my life, in order, are: my wife, and my 1965 Buick Wildcat.

I'm currently working on a ground-up rewrite of the Doctor Who spin-off fanfic I created when I was in high school, Captain Who. I keep a periodic journal of my progress at captainwho.

This journal is a place for me to ruminate about what goes on in my life, and a way to maintain a connection with people who I no longer have daily contact with. See my founding entry for more details.

Contact information is available to friends here.

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